RNA Sequencing Solutions

BGI is the world's leading Genomic Services provider, helping researchers like you get the most accurate data at the lowest price.

DNBseq™ RNA Sequencing Solutions
A complete line of turn-key services at incredible prices

BGI offers the most complete line of RNA sequencing services for all your research and drug discovery needs.

We offer validated workflows for almost all species and many sample types, including single cell RNA sequencing, based on our proprietary DNBseq™ sequencing technology.

DNBseq RNA Sequencing Solutions

The highest quality data,
without breaking the bank

DNBseq™ Gene Expression Sequencing (RNA Quantification) starts at $139 per sample (20M reads) and offers significant precision, sensitivity and dynamic range benefits over gene expression arrays for expression levels.

DNBseq™ Transcriptome Sequencing is available from $149 per sample for 24 samples or more (20M reads), offering not just gene expression levels, but complete transcriptome information, including mutation information such as fusion, SNP, InDel, etc.

Note: Pricing valid for customers in North, Central, and South America.

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