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Featuring DNBSEQTM Sequencing Technology
'Simply Sequencing' Summer Promotion

Limited Time Offer*

It's simple: send us your premade libraries for high quality sequencing.  We will rapidly and securely deliver your data in as little as 15 business days for only $4/Gb**, using our proprietary DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology.

Promotional Details

  • Premade library sequencing sold by lane only - Flexibility to choose from 1 lane to as many as you need
  • TruSeq or Nextera libraries accepted 
  • Data securely delivered via AWS or encrypted hard drive in as little as 15 business days

DNBSEQ™ Advantage

  • Superior performance of DNBSEQ™ technology when multiplexing samples for improved data integrity
  • Sensitivity to detect low-abundance sequences in large sample numbers
  • High system throughput without loss of data integrity
  • Low duplication and error rate for optimal data yield
  • Highest sample flexibility, service speed, and data accuracy

Curious about our DNBSEQ™ Technology Performance?

*1. Promotion is valid for contracts signed before Aug 31st, 2020. 2. Promotion is valid for customers in the US, Canada and Latin America. 3. Samples must be submitted before August 31st, 2020.

** Premade library sequencing performed by lane only.  Final per Gb price and data output may vary based on multiple factors including library type, library quality, insert size, GC ratio and pooling bias.

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